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  • What is Som?

    Som (s-oh-m) is a zero proof cane vinegar cordial made from organic cane vinegar, cane sugar, and the addition of whole fruits, spices and botanicals that macerate in the vinegar to impart their unique flavor profiles. Som is concentrated and most beverage applications involve diluting with carbonated water or mixing into a cocktail.

  • What makes Som unique?

    Som is made from real ingredients, fresh fruit, high quality organic vinegar, and produced in small batches, made-by-hand, in Portland, Oregon. Each product is a perfect balance of sweet, tart and bold.

  • What is a Cordial?

    A cordial is a concentrated fruit beverage meant to be diluted with sparkling water and served over ice. Some coridals, such as fruit liqueur, are alcoholic and use brandy as their base. Som is naturally non-alcoholic, and uses organic cane vinegar as its base.

  • How do subscriptions work?

    Once you are signed up to receive Som shipped to your door via our Som club, you will have the option to adjust your frequency, flavors, and shipping location in your account. Upon signing up for the Som Club, you commit to a minimum of three billing cycles. Subscriptions are available for monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly shipments.

  • How can I drink Som?

    Som mixed with soda water makes for a delicious non-alcoholic beverage. It can also be used as a base in more complex non-alcoholic drinks, or in spirited cocktails.Our signature serve is the zero proof “Som & Soda” 1 part Som and 4 parts sparkling water, over ice in a Collins glass.

  • Are there any health benefits to Som?

    Many cultures have dietary traditions of imbibing vinegars for health benefits going back, in some cases, thousands of years. At Som, we focus primarily on flavor and don’t explicitly claim any health benefits.

  • Is Som like Kombucha?

    Kombucha is a fermented tea. Som is not fermented. It also contains no caffeine or alcohol. Som is a popular, non-alcoholic, tart and fruit-forward beverage choice.   

  • Can I cook with Som?

    Absolutely! Some of the country’s best chefs use Som as a “secret ingredient” in salad dressings, marinades, reductions and elsewhere in the kitchen.

  • Who developed Som?

    Som was created by James Beard award winner Andy Ricker, the chef of Portland’s Pok Pok restaurant group. Som was originally crafted to supply his bar program with bold non-alcoholic drinks to compliment his Southeast Asian and Thai cuisine.

  • Does Som need to be Refrigerated?

    Som does not need to be refrigerated, however, to maintain the top quality of the products we recommend keeping Som in a cold and dark place.

  • What is your shipping policy?

    We partner with UPS to ship all our orders in break-proof packaging via UPS Ground for a flat rate of $10 per purchase. Most areas of the U.S. are serviced within 2-5 business days.

  • How do I order wholesale?

    If you are a restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, speciality food store or other food service account and would like to serve or sell Som, please get in touch via our Trade portal - click on the box on the upper right of this page.

  • I’m a bar, restauranteur or food business owner and want to carry Som. How?

    We do a direct wholesale program thru We are also authorized in the Southern Wine and Spirits and Chef’s Warehouse catalogs. Contact your local rep to see if we are available in your region and to request it.

  • What happened to Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegars?

    After 7 years marketing Som as a Drinking Vinegar and sharing it with diners at restaurants and in the natural foods world, we have reformulated our product to further enhance the flavors, revised our flavor offerings, lowered our sugar content, and repackaged our product in a beautiful bar-friendly 500ml bottle with a fresh, sophisticated look. This new packaging and formulation will help us in our goal to bring Som Cane Vinegar Cordials to market in the on-premise world where non-alcoholic beverages are gaining popularity, as people become more mindful of their alcohol intake, but still want sophisticated beverages to enhance their night out!  If you love Pok Pok Som, you will love Som Cane Vinegar Cordials, too.

  • How can I find out more?

    Check us out on Instagram @somcordial For general inquires please email To get in touch with a sales rep, please email