BON APPÉTIT: Big Alcohol Is Bracing for a More Sober Future

"Soda, juices, and water are geared towards refreshment; Som is for savoring."


"Should that bartender prefer Som to take up residence in the back bar, its elegant new cream and gold label makes it a proper neighbor to nearby bourbons and mezcals."


“You get something sweet, tart, in some cases savory, and in some cases tannic, all in one pour,” says Ricker. “You don’t have to make a simple syrup or add a botanical to it or muddle anything.”


"I'm looking forward to all the fresh answers I'm going to get in the coming years and even months when I ask American bartenders my question: “What drinks do you serve without alcohol?”"

NY Times: Dropping Acid

On the menu at Pok Pok, a Thai restaurant in Portland, Ore., my eye was drawn to a list of “drinking vinegars.” While I was initially stumped by such a concept, the plum vinegar with soda that I ordered was a revelation: shockingly refreshing, tart and fruity, able to stand up to food and cleanse the palate like wine without being cloying. It seemed like the first truly adult nonalcoholic drink I’d ever had.